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Word 4 Weapons Word 4 Weapons

Word 4 Weapons

Registered Charity Number: No.1174262

Thank you for visiting the Word 4 Weapons donation page; Word 4 Weapons continues to work tirelessly in its efforts to reduce the wave of knife crime in the UK.

About Us

Word 4 Weapons is an award-winning organisation that places knife bins on the streets of the UK. Individuals are encouraged to deposit knives in the bins without fear of prosecution. Homeowners are also encouraged to dispose of outdated kitchen knives and sharp tools in the bins. To date Word 4 Weapons has collected tens of thousands of weapons including guns and other instruments of potential harm. We currently have a number of knife bins located in several London Boroughs plus Sheffield and Hertfordshire.

We also run a School Education Programme which is presented to pupils and aims to highlight the dangers of carrying/using a weapon. 

Please consider giving a one-off donation or a monthly commitment towards more installations of secure knife bins or for the Schools Education Programme

Your kind donation is appreciated!