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Westwood Church Building Project

Investing in the next 50+ years of serving and mission in the parish

31 December 2019

Raised out of £ 100000.00 target

£ 37730.19

Including Gift Aid: £ 38054.25
Raised offline: £ 36107.19

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While so many have found a welcoming home at Westwood Church over the last half century, the building itself is in disrepair. The toilet facilities are dilapidated, the disabled toilet in particular is not even fit-for-use, and the whole entrance area is dim and unwelcoming. Therefore, we are giving everyone who has benefited from Westwood Church in the past 50+ years the opportunity to invest in the next 50+ years of serving and mission at the church by helping to fund a transformation of the toilet facilities and welcome area.

Gift Aid

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Westwood Parish Church PCC, Westwood Heath, Building Project

Registered Charity No.1129017

Recent Donations



30 October 2018

£ 500.00

+ £ 125.00 Gift Aid


26 October 2018

£ 100.00


13 September 2018

We are pleased to be able to contribute to improvements to the church which has meant a great deal to us in our Christian growth.

£ 500.00

+ £ 125.00 Gift Aid


12 September 2018

£ 150.00

+ £ 37.50 Gift Aid


30 August 2018

I attended Westwood in 2000-2001 when I was a student at Warwick University. I became a Christian and was baptised there Easter Sunday 2001 in a sheep pen! Andrew Smith forwarded the alumni newsletter to me and I'd like to help with the project.

£ 375.00

+ £ 93.75 Gift Aid