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Evangelism, Essex - Steve Maltz Evangelism, Essex - Steve Maltz

Evangelism, Essex - Steve Maltz

Although I am a writer of many books, sales are not currently sufficient to support Monica and I financially. The majority of our income comes through charitable donations.

My three areas of activity are:

1. Christian writer. In 2019 I will be publishing my 26th book. All books are unique and well received but not large sellers. All profits from the sale of books are ploughed back into publishing and printing.

2. Organising bi-annual Foundations conferences. This is a huge commitment for Monica and I and we do all of the planning and administration ourselves. 

3. Maintaining the Saltshakers website. This is a huge community website for those interested in the biblical roots of the Christian faith.

* Christian writer

* conference organiser (Foundations)

* strategic website owner (Saltshakers network)