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Supporting DFN during 28 Days

James Poch | 31 March 2021

Raised out of £ 2000.00 target

£ 175.88

Including Gift Aid: £ 187.78
Raised offline: £ 100.00

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regeneration Church are raising money during their 28 Days: Pray, Fast, Give event to support the work of DFN and their COVID-19 appeal.

The impact your gift will make:

During this phase of this appeal, we will be focusing on helping vulnerable people who are unable to get much needed medical attention either because they fear getting infected if they go to hospital or because the hospitals are too busy dealing with Covid cases.

See more, and what they've been able to do so far, at:

DFN UK, Covid-19 Emergency Appeal

DFN UK (formerly Dalit Freedom Network UK) restores dignity and freedom to the poor, the marginalised and the outcastes in South Asia through education, healthcare, economic empowerment and trafficking prevention programmes run by our Indian partners.

Over the last 20 years our movement has been responding to requests from major community leaders to provide holistic English-medium education so their communities can find true dignity and freedom in the modern world.

We were asked to serve the poor, marginalised and outcastes of South Asia. We focus on restoring the dignity and freedom of women and children who are the most vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

Dignity and freedom through:

EDUCATION - 100+ quality, English-medium schools with 26,000 students

HEALTHCARE - clinics, community health workers, HIV & AIDS centres

ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT - vocational training, business start-up grants

TRAFFICKING PREVENTION - awareness, support, and holistic prevention programmes

Registered Charity No.1122937

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01 March 2021

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16 February 2021

£ 56.00

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