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Reaching Every Creature Appeal

"Perfecting the Saints"

30 April 2020

Raised out of £ 250000.00 target

£ 25774.95

Including Gift Aid: £ 27443.27
Raised offline: £ 17923.95

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"To reach every creature with the Gospel" by "perfecting the saints" for the work of the ministry.


The 5 "B's" and The BIG C - CHRIST JESUS

1) Bowling out the Emerging Church and its ever changing Alexandrian Bibles.

2) Build mission houses around the world, training, perfecting the reach the furthermost parts of the World

3) Biblical entire sanctification removing "sinner saved by grace" with the "without spot nor wrinkle" Church one in Christ Jesus.

4)Believing we are in the last days and that the charge from the north to Meggido (Armageddon) is imminent so we need to be supercharged in the Holy Ghost to save the world.

5) Being one together in unity by openly confessing faults so that we become the empty vessels for Christ Jesus to fill - to be "as he is" in this world.

6) CHRIST JESUS himself being pre-eminent in a worldwide revival of the saints - baptized in the Holy Ghost and with fire, sanctified by being AS HIM!

Life Changing Ministries International Church South Cheshire Trust - Life Changing Ministries International, 7 YEAR GOD GIVEN PLAN TO REACH EVERY CREATURE!

Proverbs 22:28 Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set. ‘Not by power, nor by might, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord.’ “What an army of empty vessels, coming around thee in this ministry of tears, of broken men & risen Christ, bearing the sword of My Word! For thou hast already exposed the false Word of the other Jesus. The enemy has his ‘Church’ arguing over texts, whereas My Church is arising, with the never-changing Word, as a sword to plunge right into the heart of the enemy camp. The heart of restoring the "Every Creature Commission" as given to Rees Howells is here!

Registered Charity No.1065192

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10 December 2019

"reaching every creature"

£ 1000.00

+ £ 250.00 Gift Aid


20 November 2019

to the Every Creature Commission 7 year plan

£ 1000.00

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12 November 2019

to the Every Creature Commission

£ 800.00

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18 October 2019

to the "Every Creature Commission"

£ 800.00

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15 October 2019

to the Every Creature Commission ......

£ 1000.00

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14 October 2019

£ 25.00

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30 September 2019

£ 27.00

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24 September 2019

£ 26.00

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19 September 2019

the "Every Creature Commission"

£ 500.00

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18 September 2019

£ 31.00

+ £ 7.75 Gift Aid

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