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Promises for Freedom - Just Love Sussex

Samuel Rigden | 31 October 2021

Raised out of £ 600.00 target

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Just Love Sussex will be running a 'Promises for Freedom' event from the 21st-31st of October, to raise awarness, support on the issues of modern day slavery. We have chosen to do this via a event in which every time we have raised £30 a member from within our community will be doing something crazy (eg- dying their hair / going for many multiple runs throughout the day). We feel this is a great event in which we can come together as a community not only in out city but also across the country to join together for a good cause. Please donate if you can, or get involved and sign up to commit to doing something the next time we raise an additional £30. 

We are raising money for the charity Hope at Home who train, equip and support hosts while partnering with local churches to provide safe and stable accomidation for the survivors of modern day slavery and those vunerable to homlessness. 

We look forward to seeing how everyone get's involved and can't wait to see all your amazing ideas. 

Hope at Home

Hope at Home is a UK charity fighting modern slavery and human trafficking. 

We provide homes for survivors of slavery who would otherwise be destitute by training and supporting people to host them in their homes.  Our safe and stable accommodation enables our house-guests to walk the difficult road towards independence, prevents re-trafficking and reduces homelessness.

Right now, more than 40 million people are in slavery across the world. 

We believe freedom is not just a far off dream.  For our guests, it becomes a reality.

For survivors of slavery… 

Freedom is being able to breathe again without panic attacks.

Freedom is choosing what to eat for lunch.

Freedom is deciding to go for a walk in the park.

Freedom is choosing a career.

Freedom is having an education.

Freedom is drinking a cup of coffee.

Freedom is having a home to go to after work.

Freedom is spending your own money.

Freedom is buying your own toiletries. 

Join us to see this freedom become a reality for survivors of modern slavery.

Registered Charity No.1176802

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29 November 2020

Great stuff Just Love Sussex team!

£ 116.05

+ £ 29.01 Gift Aid


15 November 2020

Great green performance! Keep it up guys

£ 25.00


11 November 2020


£ 10.00


05 November 2020

Such an amazing run along and up Beachy Head Elizabeth well done especially in such appalling weather conditions

£ 16.24


02 November 2020

Keep up the good work, God bless you all. Xx

£ 10.00

+ £ 2.50 Gift Aid


01 November 2020

£ 10.00


01 November 2020

You’re doing an amazing job!

£ 10.00


31 October 2020

£ 15.00

+ £ 3.75 Gift Aid


31 October 2020

£ 15.00

+ £ 3.75 Gift Aid


31 October 2020

£ 20.00

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