How secure is

Very! We use encryption on all aspects of and any personal information you send to us is stored securely. All of our online systems are checked regularly to ensure that they conform to current security standards.

Is my personal information safe with you?

Yes. Stewardship takes the security of your personal information very seriously and we work hard to ensure that all of the information that you share with us, on and our other websites, are held safely and securely.

And remember, we will never pass or sell this information on to third parties for marketing purposes and you can choose for us not to disclose your information to the charities you choose to support on

On which browsers will work? has been designed and tested to work with all current version of the most popular web browsers; FireFox, Safari, Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 7, 8 and 9. We recommend that you keep these browsers up to date so as to take advantage of the security and functionality updates that their providers supply.

We would also recommend that you run up to date versions of Java and Flash Player on your computer to make sure you can view and use in all of its glory!

What types of images can I upload to my fundraising page? will accept images, pictures and photos in .gif, .jpg and .png format.

What is the maximum file size I can upload?

Up to 4mb. will automatically re-format and resize your images so that they fit on your fundraising page.

The image upload isn’t working – help!

It may be that you’ve tried to upload a file larger than 4mb, or your image is not in a .gif .jpg or .png format. Most standard picture editing programs will allow you to save your images as one of these file types.  

If you continue to have difficulties using the image upload controls you may need to update the versions of Flash Player and Java on your computer. We would recommend that you check to make sure that you are running up-to-date versions of these two programs on your computer and then try the image upload process again.

Why can't I see my image on the page?

Images should be uploaded to your page instantly, but there could be the odd occasions, particularly when lots of people are using the site to build pages, that it may take a little longer for images to be displayed. Our advice – go grab a cuppa, put your feet up, and check it in about 10 minutes!

Can I upload videos to my page?

Not yet, but maybe soon! We are working on this and will let you know when we allow the uploading or embedding of video content to your fundraising page.

Why doesn't my report update when I change settings on the report toolbar?

It really depends on what information you are asking the report to display. Some of our reports will automatically update information displayed on screen as you alter the criteria that you wish to report on. If the additional information doesn’t display automatically, just click on the refresh button on the report toolbar.