For fundraisers

How can I set up my fundraising page?

Simple - login in to your dashboard and click 'create a fundraising page'.  You can log in using your username and password, or using your Stewardship giving account login details.

If you don't have either of these, you can register for here in just a few seconds.

How many pages can I create?

As many as you like. Go crazy. If you’re a serial fundraiser then the beauty of is being able to organise all your fundraising pages from one place.

Can I customise my pages?

Yes, you can add photos and text explaining more about your fundraising escapades. You can also choose from one of our pre-designed page themes. If the charity you are supporting has its own themes uploaded to, you will also be allowed to select one of these as your custom page theme.

How do I update my pages?

Same as creating a page, you can access everything from within your dashboard.  You can add more photos, update your profile with news of your fundraising progress and, if you’re feeling more ambitious, increase your target too!

While you're there you can also have a look at who gave what and when, on your fundraising page.

How can I add details of any amounts that I raise offline?

Login to your dashboard, edit the page and then edit details, and in the final section ‘raised offline’, you can enter any amounts raised offline. Any amount you add here will be added to your total raised.

My page address is taken, or I’ve chosen the wrong one, what should I do?

Some page names have been pre-reserved for future use on, including those set aside specifically for our registered recipients (e.g. Other pages names may already be in use, or have been used previously. To avoid confusion we do not release previously used names again.

If you’ve chosen the wrong address by mistake, let us know and we may be able to alter it for you. Do this before you sent out the link to your supporters, as any information from the incorrect page could be lost when switched to the correct one.

Which charities are registered on for me to support?

You can search our list of registered recipients from within your online Stewardship giving account. If your favourite charity isn’t there you can encourage them to apply to be registered as a Stewardship recipient by asking them to visit

Can I create pages without revealing my identity to my chosen charity?

No. We want to be an open and transparent fundraising website, which means your chosen charities knowing who is fundraising on their behalf. We alert all charities when a page is created on their behalf and issue a weekly round up of how much has been raised, so they can be encouraged.

By creating a page you agree to us sharing your name and contact information with your chosen charity. And, in turn, we expect all recipients to honour you by handling that information in strict accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Why doesn’t my chosen charity’s information and logo display on my page?

Every Stewardship recipient is responsible for managing their own profile information and uploading a logo. We’ve made every effort to get as many updated as possible, but if your chosen charities details aren’t displaying it may mean they are yet to add these to our system.

If you’re able to get in touch with the charity and give them a nudge that would help things along nicely. If they need help you can guide them to the Recipients help section or ask them to contact us directly and we’ll talk them through what they need to do.

How can I see a breakdown of what I’ve raised on my page?

Names, amounts and messages can be viewed directly on your page. If one of your sponsors has asked to remain anonymous we will only display the amount and their message.

You can also view this information by clicking on reports on your dashboard.

When will my charity get the money that I’ve raised?

That depends on what they choose...

Stewardship makes regular payments out to recipients, which combines monies raised on with other amounts from those using Stewardship giving accounts for their charitable giving. These are paid at a frequency and interval chosen by each recipient, either weekly or monthly.

From time to time we may need to make additional investigations before releasing funds to charities, for example when more significant amounts of money are being distributed, but we try and minimise any delays as much as possible.

We are fundraising as a team, but want to each have our own page that links to a team total. Is that possible?

Not yet, but we’re working on it.

How long after the event will my page be available?

You can set an expiry date when you create or edit your page, or choose to close the page at any time from your account.