What’s the difference between a fundraising page and a donation page?

A give.net fundraising page can be created by you or your supporters and is a great way to raise funds online.  A give.net fundraising page allows the page owner to set a fundraising target and add photos and images about their fundraising endeavours.  It also allows messages of support posted back to them whenever someone makes a gift in support of your charity, from that page.

A give.net donation page is your very own way of collecting credit and debit card gifts online. It uses the same give.net process, but without the fundraising target, photos and messages of support. Once you’ve created your donation page you can link to this directly from your own website.

If you are a registered recipient with Stewardship, you can create both fundraising and donation pages from your give.net dashboard.  You can log in to this using your Stewardship login details.