For charities

How much does it cost to use

Nothing! Registered recipients of Stewardship can access absolutely free. This includes building as many of your own donation pages as you wish and your supporters set up as many fundraising pages as they choose too.

As with all gifts made to Stewardship in support of you, we retain an amount towards our administration, which usually comes from the Gift Aid that we reclaim.

How can we update our profile information and charity logo?

You can update both pieces of information from your online recipient account with Stewardship. Click on ‘account details’ and follow the on screen instructions.

What’s the difference between a fundraising page and a donation page?

A fundraising page can be created by you or your supporters and is a great way to raise funds online.  A fundraising page allows the page owner to set a fundraising target and add photos and images about their fundraising endeavours.  It also allows messages of support posted back to them whenever someone makes a gift in support of your charity, from that page.

A donation page is your very own way of collecting credit and debit card gifts online. It uses the same process, but without the fundraising target, photos and messages of support. Once you’ve created your donation page you can link to this directly from your own website.

If you are a registered recipient with Stewardship, you can create both fundraising and donation pages from your dashboard.  You can log in to this using your Stewardship login details.

How many donation pages can we create?

As many as you need. If you have multiple fundraising appeals running at once, you might want to create multiple pages to help keep amounts raised separate. Each of these could, in theory, have a different theme applied too; one for the church roof appeal, one for the mission fund, another for your Harvest appeal, and so on.

How can we promote our donation page?

You can download and use one or more of our ready-made donation buttons to use on your website, blog or email communications. Just follow the instructions.

We’re also investigating ways in which you could quickly and easily add donation page details to other social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter.

How will we know when someone creates a new page to support us?

We will notify you as part of our usual weekly activity report to recipients, but we’re also working on a real-time alert system, so you can hear instantly when a page is created on your behalf.

When will we receive monies raised on pages?

Any donations from pages will be distributed as part of your normal grant payment from Stewardship, along with any other amounts from our giving accounts.

You can view a breakdown of each payment from Stewardship from within your secure, online account.

Can we access details of anyone giving in support of our charity, using a page?

Yes and no. We will always share the name and contact information of a page creator with you. And, if someone making a gift on a or donation page has given us permission to share their details with you, we will make this information available to you, securely, online.

If they choose to remain anonymous, we will only share the amount with you on your breakdown report.

As a registered recipient of Stewardship you agree to handle any information that we share with you in strict accordance to the Data Protection Act.