Social media fundraising tips

Social media is a big deal when it comes to making some noise about your fundraising event. But why squeak when you can roar? Here are our top five social media tips for fundraising awesome-ness.

1. Status updates

First things first: the humble status update. If you are new to the world of social media, the status update provides the easiest way of updating your supporters about your fundraising event. Post regular updates, news and information about your event and don’t forget to include a link to your page address with every update.

2. Post photos and videos

You no longer need to be a pro to create shareable photos and videos. If you have smart phone, a free Instagram or YouTube account and a bit of imagination, you have what you need to create a short video, or series of pictures which you can post onto social media. Your supporters will be interested in what is happening ‘behind the scenes’ in the run up to your fundraising event so keep them updated with a few interesting clips and pics.

3. Think outside the (Facebook and Twitter) box

Years ago, a word such as Pinterest, Instagram or Digg would have invoked a response along the lines of ‘I do beg your pardon’ or ‘Bless you’. But now, for many they are as common as saying ‘potato’. Facebook and Twitter are by far the most used social media resources but just because they are the most popular, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider the other platforms on offer. If, for example, you would like your supporter communications to use a lot of visuals, Pinterest or Instagram would be perfect for adding some serious ‘oh la la’ to your updates.

4. Say thank you

Ahh the lovely t-word. The smile bringer, the happiness inducer, the fuzzy-warm-feeling giver. No matter what social media channel you are using, make sure you thank your supporters and keep them informed of your final fundraising total.

5. #Hashtags

If you’re taking part in a big fundraising event such as the London Marathon or the Race for Life and you expect that lots of people will tweet about it, consider using the official hashtag whenever you tweet. This will help you stay part of the community because hashtags connect the people who use them, and will allow you to keep track with the conversation as it unfolds in real-time.

So there you have it, our top five social media tips. But wait, is there more that can be done to reach the dizzy heights of fundraising perfection? Create a fundraising page naturellement! Do it here now (please).