Fundraising tips

Here are our top ten tips for sucessful fundraising, to help you get the most from your page:

1. Tell your story

Successful fundraising is all about telling a good story. Invest time letting people know why you are raising money. What will the impact be if they support you? Give them plenty of information about your chosen charity or church as well, so they can really get on board with your chosen cause.

2. Set up a fundraising page

Setting up an online fundraising page is an effective and easy way to get sponsored for your favourite cause. Add photos to make it more interactive and make sure that you keep adding fresh information so people keep coming back for more.

3. Get social with your fundraising

Add a link from your social media pages to your page to make it easy for all your friends and contacts to support your efforts. Don’t forget to upload pictures and regularly update your profile status detailing your latest fundraising activities so that people can follow your journey.

4. Think of creative ways to fundraise

Not everybody is cut out to run 26.2 miles for charity, or for that matter, ride their bike from Lands End to John O’Groats. For creative ideas of how to fundraise, think about setting yourself a challenge based on your hobbies or things that you enjoy. Why not set up a knitting marathon, organise a dinner party, take part in a swimathon or draw peoples portraits to raise money for charity?

5. Don’t forget the Gift Aid

Gift Aid allows charities to reclaim the basic tax rate on donations made. That means that every £1 that you raise could potentially increase by another 25p. If you choose to create a fundraising page, your supporters gifts will have the tax reclaimed automatically, (so long as they are UK tax payers and confirm they are happy for us to do this!).

6. Carry on fundraising – even after your event has finished

Once people have seen for themselves the effort that you went to in order to raise money for your chosen charity, they may be even further inspired to donate to your fundraising.

7. Put a link in your email signature

Add a link to your fundraising page into your email signatures so you can communicate your fundraising efforts every time you click ‘send’. Alternatively, why not add something about your fundraising in your answer phone or voicemail message.

8. Contact your local media

Send a short press release to your local media briefly detailing your fundraising efforts. There may be many people in your local community who will be inspired by your fundraising story and keen to provide some support.

9. Say thank you

Don’t forget to thank the people who have supported you along the way. In every fundraising story, there will be people who have provided different levels of support, so don’t forget those who have been generous with their time and talents; not just those gave money. This would be a good time to let people know if you have reached, exceeded or are still working towards your fundraising target.

10. And finally... don’t give up!

Everybody receives knock-backs when fundraising, but the key is to keep going. The more energy and passion that you bring to your fundraising, the more people will be inspired by your cause.

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