FAQs for Fundraisers

What is give.net?

Give.net is a new, online fundraising website from Stewardship. Find out more here.

Do I need a Stewardship giving account to create give.net pages?

No. If you have a Stewardship giving account you can use the same login details to use give.net.

If you haven’t used Give.net or a Stewardship Giving Account before, you can  sign up for give.net in just a few clicks.

What charities and causes can I support on give.net?

At the moment, we have around 19,000 charities, churches and individuals in full time Christian ministry registered to receive funds from Stewardship, with more being added each week.

You’ll find all the big names registered with us (like Tearfund, Christian Aid and Alpha, as well as Cancer Research, OXFAM, Save the Children and more) along with lots of smaller, local charities and churches.

We are also unique in permitting you to raise funds for some international charities also registered with us (like our friends over at charity: water).

How secure is give.net?

Very. Security is a high priority for Stewardship and any online transactions completed on give.net take place in a completely secure environment.

Where do I go for technical support?

Have a look in our Help FAQs for starters.

How soon will charities receive any money raised on give.net?

We make payments out to recipient charities weekly or monthly, depending on their preference. We work hard to get money out to charities and churches as fast as possible so they can keep doing the work that they do best.

Why is my charity not listed?

More than likely we just haven’t been introduced to them yet, so feel free to drop them a line and suggest they get registered.

Please be aware that as a Christian charity regulated by the Charity Commission we must, under charity law, operate within our Christian charitable objectives. So, in practice, we will never be able to register charities promoting another world religion or those in direct opposition to the Christian religion, to make use of give.net and receive funds from Stewardship.

Can I sell tickets, products or services through give.net?

No. give.net is a way to give but not to receive something in return (Gift Aid is not available when the donor receives a benefit, such as being able to buy a ticket, product or service). More information is provided on the HMRC website (see section: ‘Providing benefits in return for donations: rules and limits’).

I can no longer complete my sponsored event. Can you refund the money to my sponsors?

Once a gift has been made on give.net the funds cannot be returned to sponsors unless an error has occurred, for example if a duplicate gift has been made by mistake or an incorrect amount was entered.