FAQs for Charities

What is give.net?

Give.net is Stewardship’s online fundraising website, helping charities, churches and individuals raise millions each year. Find out more here

Who can use give.net?

Anyone!  For those already using Stewardship for their charitable giving, or who have already used give.net, their login details will allow them to login to give.net.   Once logged in, these people can then create fundraising pages to support your charity.

Anybody can leave a donation on a give.net page, whether or not they have a Stewardship giving account.

Is our charity registered on give.net?

If you’re already a registered recipient of Stewardship then, yes, your supporters can create fundraising pages for your charity on give.net.

Find out more about registering with us.

How secure is give.net?

Very. Security is a high priority for Stewardship and any online transactions completed on give.net take place in a completely secure environment.

How soon will our charity receive any money raised on give.net?

We make payments out to recipient charities weekly or monthly, depending on your preference. You can change the date and frequency of these payments from within your main Stewardship recipient account.

We work hard to get money out to charities and churches as fast as possible so you can keep doing what you do best.

Can we get the details of those supporting us on give.net?

Yes and no. If someone has given us permission to share their details with you, either as a page creator or supporter, we will make this information available to you, securely, online.

As a registered recipient of Stewardship you agree to handle this information in strict accordance to the Data Protection Act.

Can unregistered charities and churches register for give.net?


If you are a charitable or community group and not registered with the Charity Commission, we may still be able to register you as a Stewardship recipient.  You will, however, still need to provide sufficient evidence of your charitable status and financial information for us to consider an application.

If you are a church from a mainstream denomination but still qualifying as an 'excepted charity', then it is likely that we will be able to register you as a Stewardship recipient and allow fundraisers to support you on give.net.

Find out more about registering as a recipient with Stewardship. (opens in new window)

Can I sell tickets, products or services through give.net?

No. give.net is a way to give but not to receive something in return (Gift Aid is not available when the donor receives a benefit, such as being able to buy a ticket, product or service). More information is provided on the HMRC website (see section: ‘Providing benefits in return for donations: rules and limits’).

Our fundraising event can no longer go ahead. Can you refund the money to my sponsors?

Once a gift has been made the funds cannot be returned to sponsors unless an error has occurred, for example if a duplicate gift has been made. If you think an error has occurred please contact us as soon as possible.