For Charities

To use for your fundraising appeals, one-off credit and debit card donations and regular giving by Direct Debit, you first need to make sure that your charity or church is registered to receive funds from Stewardship.

If you are registered with us already…

Log in to your dashboard using your Stewardship login details to start building and maintaining your free fundraising and online donation pages.

Not registered yet?

This is a fairly painless (and absolutely free of charge) process.

Download and complete our charity recipient application form (making sure you include the important documents we ask to see).

One of our team will check your application and confirm whether your charity or church is eligible to register as a Stewardship recipient.

Assuming everything is in order; your registration will be complete and you’ll be given your Stewardship recipient details and you can start using

(by registering with Stewardship you'll also be eligible to receive donations from anyone who uses a Stewardship giving account or Payroll Giving with Stewardship).

The small print

  • Once accepted, we may still ask for additional information, from time to time, in order to ensure that everything is going swimmingly. Often this is to protect both you and those who wish to support you, particularly when very large charitable gifts are involved.
  • Gifts from your supporters, whether made on or using Stewardship’s main giving account service, are charitable gifts to Stewardship. Any payments received from Stewardship are charitable grants to your work. Confused? You can read here about how giving with Stewardship works.


  • Free registration
  • No monthly subscription

  • Credit & Debit card donations

  • Regular giving by Direct Debit

  • Fast Gift Aid reclaims

  • Online reporting

  • Low fees

What does it cost?

We keep back a small amount from any gifts made to help pay the bills. But we’re a charity too, so there are no profits at the end of the year. Anything left goes straight back into other charitable projects