Our Fee

Give.net is completely free for recipient charities and churches - there are no subscriptions to pay. Plus, there are no fees for donating from your Stewardship giving account balance.

We deduct a small amount (3%) from gifts made to cover our modest administration costs.*

The £10 example

Your gift


Gift Aid


Admin (3% of total)


Card processing


Charity receives


*Just like the churches, charities and full-time Christian workers we support, we’re a not-for-profit too. It means you can use give.net in full confidence that we’re not profiting from your generosity. In the event that we do make a surplus, it is reinvested back into supporting our charitable activities.

Why give.net?

  • Free for charities
  • No monthly subscriptions

  • Instant Gift Aid reclaims

  • Low fees for giving

How do we compare?

We don’t think giving needs to be a competitive business, but if you’re interested you can see how we compare to other fundraising websites.