Our Fee

Give.net is completely free for recipient charities and churches - there are no subscriptions to pay. Plus, there are no fees for donating from your Stewardship giving account balance.

We retain a small amount (3%) from gifts to cover our modest administration costs*.

The little we do keep is usually taken from the reclaimed Gift Aid, so 100% of your initial gift still goes to the charities you wish to support. For gifts where Gift Aid is not claimed, we only keep back 2%.

The £10 example

Your gift


Gift Aid


Admin (3% of total)


Card processing


Charity receives


*Don’t forget - we’re a charity too! Everything you give goes to good causes. The little that we keep back helps to keep everything up and running and anything left at the end of each year goes back into other charitable projects.

Why give.net?

  • Free for charities
  • No monthly subscriptions

  • Fast Gift Aid reclaims

  • Low fees for giving

How do we compare?

We don’t think giving needs to be a competitive business, but if you’re interested you can see how we compare to other fundraising websites.