All you need to know about

What is is a new, online fundraising website from Stewardship.

Who or what is Stewardship?

A Christian charity that has been helping generous people to give since 1906. Until now we’ve been best known for our giving accounts, which currently help over 25,000 to organise all of their charitable giving tax effectively; over £50million each year and counting.

Why have Stewardship launched

Because we were asked to! Since launching our secure, internet giving accounts in 2011, we’ve had endless requests to create a fundraising website, from givers and recipients alike.

Is it just for Christians?

Of course not. At Stewardship, we believe passionately that you are created in the image of God and that your urge to give, fundraise and help others is part of that God inspired DNA. Because of that, we welcome anyone to express their generosity through, whether you share our faith or not. If you’ve got a minute, why not take a look in more detail at why we love giving

What is different about

Unlike other fundraising page websites, is fully integrated with our giving accounts, allowing our community of 25,000 account holders to sponsor friends and family straight from their balances, or with a credit or debit card.

Plus, because when you use you are making a charitable gift to Stewardship (and asking us to add it to one of our 19,000 recipient funds) we can do clever things that other fundraising agency websites can’t.