About Give.net

Give.net is powered by Stewardship, a Christian charity passionate about generosity with a serious track record in helping people give.

For over a century (that’s right, our history goes back to 1906) we’ve been providing advice, guidance, inspiration and practical tools to make it easy for generous people to give joyfully, easily and tax effectively.

We believe that generosity is transformational, for the giver and for the receiver. Our work inspires and supports a generous resourcing community. With transformational results."

Stewardship giving accounts are currently used by over 25,000 people, Christians and non-Christians alike, to give over £50million each year to a whole range of causes close to their hearts. Over 19,000 recipients are registered to receive funds from Stewardship, including UK registered charities and selected overseas charities, churches and some individuals in full time Christian work.

Give.net has been designed with this community of generous givers and their recipients in mind, as an additional feature of the online giving accounts that Stewardship provides (like internet banking but for giving, not banking). We currently handle around 18,000 Direct Debits with ease each month and claim back around £10million in Gift Aid each year from HM Revenue & Customs each year, so you can trust us to get the giving to where it matters most, quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

So there you have it.

A charity passionate about generosity, with the reliability and security of internet banking, all now wrapped up in a brilliant fundraising website, give.net.

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