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Living Water Myanmar

Julian Triggs | 16 January 2022

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'Living Water Myanmar' is a small charity project (code: J812N) that makes a really big difference to people's lives in central Myanmar. The area is known as the 'Dry Zone'. It has no rain for 7 months of the year, i.e. from around mid October to mid May. There is a severe lack of clean drinking water in the villages.

The charity project builds storage tanks, usually next to the village school. Rainwater is collected from the school roof and piped into the storage tank. This provides clean drinking water.

'Living Water Myanmar' is run by Rosemary Breen (based in Australia). The other key person is Saya Toe who lives in the Dry Zone and organises the construction of the water tanks.

Funds go directly on materials and salaries for the local craftsmen who build the water tanks and to run the 4wd vehicle - there are no overheads.

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