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Anthony & Penelope's Dry January!

Fancy a drink?!

Anthony Oliver | 30 April 2021

Raised out of £ 250.00 target

£ 269.72

Including Gift Aid: £ 312.63
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Dear Friends

This year we are doing Dry January & donating money saved to the Encounter Festival 2019.

I am sure if you met us in a pub (say the Langton), you would be happy to buy us a drink and have a chat. At the Langton mine would be a Peroni (£4.25) and Pen’s a Skinny Fizz (£4.75). But, hey, throw in a packet of crisps and let’s call it £5 each. So, instead of buying us a drink and some crisps, we ask that you make a donation to Cheltenham Christian Arts this January.

£5 could enable a child whose family can't afford it, to attend a fun, educational creative workshop at the Festival.

£10 could subsidise a ticket for a family of four to attend The Rainbow Fish, a drama production that encourages self-esteem, respect and belonging.

These are just suggestions - whatever size, your donation will help fund the best Christian Arts Festival yet!

And, you get 10% discount when you book 4 or more paid events before 28 February 2019.

Thank you

Anthony & Penelope

Cheltenham Christian Arts, Christian Arts Festival 2019


Cheltenham Christian Arts aims to promote and produce a diverse Christian Arts Festival in Cheltenham using talent locally but also artists and performers from further afield. We also provide a wide range of workshops, talks and activities with a particular focus on engaging children and young people with the arts.

Whilst the festival is at heart Christian it will be open to all regardless of whether they are of any particular religion or none, and regardless of race, gender, age or background and will encourage and support interfaith and other faith elements and contributions.

The Festival will welcome and unify Christian Churches in Cheltenham of all denominations as they come together to celebrate God and reach out into the communities around them.

Many of our events are free or low cost so we have to raise funds in order to put them on. Please support our work with a donation.

With thanks from the trustees of Cheltenham Christian Arts

Registered Charity No.1164117

Recent Donations



21 January 2019

A £ a day for January and to enable lots of encounters

£ 31.00

+ £ 7.75 Gift Aid


20 January 2019

Keep going guys, bet it’s getting like a marathon now but not long before you can celebrate with a Nile Special!

£ 20.00

+ £ 5.00 Gift Aid


13 January 2019

Blessings from Carolyn Ruth George

£ 38.90


12 January 2019

Well, since you put it like that... And I'd like to think that you'd also buy a round, so let's throw that in too ??

£ 20.00

+ £ 5.00 Gift Aid


12 January 2019

i'll have one on you tonight!

£ 20.00


09 January 2019

Well done you two! XX

£ 10.00

+ £ 2.50 Gift Aid


09 January 2019

I admire you both for using the dry month not only to your advantage but to this great charity. Maggie

£ 10.00

+ £ 2.50 Gift Aid


08 January 2019

Happy water drinking! I shall be off the alcohol myself from next week as I have my next big op!! Much love and hope 2019 is going to be a very good year for you both, Susannah, Andrew and William xx God bless you

£ 100.00

+ £ 25.00 Gift Aid


06 January 2019

Great initiative

£ 10.00

+ £ 2.50 Gift Aid


06 January 2019

£ 1.00

+ £ 0.25 Gift Aid

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