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Cheer Cheer


Registered Charity Number: No.1104061

CHEER is a London-based charity which seeks to extend Comfort and Hope whilst giving Encouragement and Empathy by coming alongside individuals who can feel isolated and vulnerable as they Rebuild their lives towards emotional stability and independent living. CHEER has 20 years’ experience and a high success rate in improving the lives of many families.

CHEER assists those parenting alone whatever their circumstances,

addressing the issues of isolation, loneliness, coping and parental contact, as well as giving limited financial advice. CHEER offers fellowship, prayer, teaching and a compassionate listening ear. Mothers and fathers appreciate our work and often act as mentors once they are on their feet again.

CHEER was established in 1997 by Cherie Colman, a divorcee with three young children. Today, Cherie continues to work actively with Cheer. The charity has been ‘Highly Commended’ by the Centre for Social Justice and the legal profession for the work it does. We Value your support.