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Brenda's parachute for Restored!

01 January 2020

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Because it is not every day that one celebrates 70 years on this beautiful earth!

I will be undertaking a buddy parachute jump. Yes, you read correctly, I am doing a tandem parachute jump. I will board an aircraft and soar to around 13,000 feet (approximately two miles high!). When my instructor and I leave the plane, we will fall at about 120 mph, descending to 5,000 feet in around 40 seconds.

So, why am I doing it? Well, I have found a cause worthwhile doing it for. Restored, a Christian organization working to end violence against women. They offer training to churches, so they can identify and respond to domestic abuse more effectively and encourage men to play a meaningful role in ending this issue. They have also produced an amazing pack for survivors for more info visit

I was led to them by a friend because of the invaluable work that they do. I really hope you can support their work by donating to my jump.

Thank you


Restored is an international Christian alliance working to transform relationships and end violence against women. We exist to equip churches to identify signs of abuse and respond effectively. We have an international campaign to engage men in ending violence against women called First Man Standing. We advocate for better laws and the implementation of the law to end violence against women. We work through member organisations internationally. To find out more and get involved, go to our website: You can also follow us on Twitter @Rest0red and on Facebook at

Registered Charity No.1136774

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30 April 2019

Well done Brenda. You’re amazing & such a worthwhile cause close to our hearts, love Mandy & Paul xx??

£ 50.00

+ £ 12.50 Gift Aid


08 April 2019

£ 10.00

+ £ 2.50 Gift Aid


26 March 2019

£ 10.00

+ £ 2.50 Gift Aid


23 March 2019

From Simon

£ 20.00

+ £ 5.00 Gift Aid


21 March 2019

£ 20.00

+ £ 5.00 Gift Aid


18 March 2019

Hope the weather improves so you can jump Ashley

£ 100.00

+ £ 25.00 Gift Aid


13 March 2019

£ 30.00


13 March 2019

From Laura, Caroline, Kate and Helen.

£ 17.00

+ £ 4.25 Gift Aid


11 March 2019

From Lynny and Sandra

£ 15.00

+ £ 3.75 Gift Aid


11 March 2019

Amazing thing to be doing. The support is so needed for those in these situations.

£ 5.00

+ £ 1.25 Gift Aid

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