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Running Guildford 10k for Real Change Guildford

Barney Venable | 12 September 2021

Raised out of £ 1000.00 target

£ 246.29

Including Gift Aid: £ 291.39
Raised offline: £ 0.00

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I started running again 6 months ago and am flipping loving every run – would recommend. I am aiming to run the 10k in under 40:00, so feel free to give whatever you can, or to pledge a donation based on how far under my target I am (it’ll help me run faster).

The charity I'm raising money for is called 'Real Change Guildford', and they help to get homeless people everything they need to get a job and live in a house, through buying essential items, clothes for interviews, paying for training courses and rent deposits etc. so it’s really worth whatever you can give.

I'm excited to be running together with some friends from my church family who have been training hard for this too.

You can check out my training here:

[ is safe and secure. If you are a UK taxpayer, please confirm that you would like to reclaim Gift Aid on your donation. This will add 25p to every £1 you give]

St Saviours Church Guildford

Registered Charity No.1128141

Recent Donations



18 September 2019

Run Barney Run

£ 10.00

+ £ 2.50 Gift Aid


13 September 2019

Good Luck Barney!

£ 10.00


13 September 2019

Well done Barney and the rest of the team running to raise money for the homeless - I hope it goes well!

£ 100.00

+ £ 25.00 Gift Aid


13 September 2019

Good Luck Barney!!! Run fast!

£ 12.34

+ £ 3.08 Gift Aid


12 September 2019

A fantastic effort for a very worthy cause. Well done Barney for finding something to motivate you to run! :)

£ 50.00

+ £ 12.50 Gift Aid


12 September 2019

Good luck! And run like the wind... Or I like to pretend that something is chasing me, that I'm terrified of, like spiders lol. You can make your 40 mins for sure then XD

£ 10.00

+ £ 2.50 Gift Aid


12 September 2019

Run, Barney, Run!!! :) Thanks for choosing this charity.

£ 20.00

+ £ 5.00 Gift Aid


12 September 2019

Good luck Barney!!!!

£ 10.00

+ £ 2.50 Gift Aid


12 September 2019

Do yourself proud, and remember who you're running for. You are strong, you are quick and you got this.

£ 25.00