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AHABA cafe

Onto the front of All Hallows Bow we wan't to do something special. Can you help us build AHABA cafe for the whole community to come together and experience life to the full. See our promo video here...

Cris Rogers | 24 October 2020

Raised out of £ 433000.00 target

£ 409036.50

Including Gift Aid: £ 410282.75
Raised offline: £ 400407.00

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We aren’t just embarking on a building project to update a religious building. We are developing a disused area to become a vibrant community hub for everyone.
Imagine a cafe that isn’t simply a social enterprise but a place to develop and build up our neighbourhood. We want to have staff who are ex-offenders, recovering addicts and mums returning back to work. We want it to be a place where those who don’t have a chance can get a chance, no one is unemployable.
We want it to be a place where everyone can afford to have that afternoon trip out for coffee. Hot chocolates not at high street prices but reality prices.
We want it to be a place where people experience joy, laughter, family, hope, help and home. We want it to be a place where parents come to meet other parents, elderly find someone to chat to, young people mix with the generations and neighbours become friends.

Can you help us make this happen?

All Hallows Church PCC Bromley by Bow, Ahaba Cafe

Registered Charity No.1153020

Recent Donations



11 January 2019

£ 10.00

+ £ 2.50 Gift Aid


31 December 2018

£ 100.00

+ £ 25.00 Gift Aid


03 December 2018

So exciting!!! Louise

£ 50.00

+ £ 12.50 Gift Aid


30 November 2018

We cannot do much financially to help at this time, but our prayers and petitions are with the Lord for your endeavors.

£ 15.00


30 November 2018


£ 425.00

+ £ 106.25 Gift Aid


28 November 2018

PRAYING ALL THE WAY :D so exciting!

£ 500.00

+ £ 125.00 Gift Aid


21 November 2018

£ 100.00

Mary Grace

17 November 2018

£ 500.00

+ £ 125.00 Gift Aid


12 November 2018

£ 165.92


10 November 2018

This is so exciting! Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together. Jess and Michael x

£ 150.00

+ £ 37.50 Gift Aid

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