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Tim Fergusson | 21 April 2021

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In 2017, we went to south-west Uganda to join one of Watsan’s water and sanitation projects. They work with local communities to provide rainwater collection or gravity fed water supply; basic sanitation and hygiene education. It is fabulous, sustainable work that is thoroughly grounded in the communities served. It transforms lives.

So in June, we are walking 20 miles in one day with a crowd of others, in order to raise funds for Watsan’s latest project to help a school, nursery school and church that serve around 1000 people In Kihihi district. At present, water comes from an intermittent gravity fed supply of by queueing at the ‘local’ well, 1km away. As for sanitation, there is 1 toilet for every 64 girls, and one for every 49 boys.

The aim is to build guttering and a tank to capture and store rainfall; build decent toilets; and educate the community through a hygiene programme. Watsan are looking for £25,000 in total. Can you help?

Watsan Uganda UK Support, Kihihi Hill High School & Church Community

The charity's objectives are the provision of safe, clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene education to the rural communities of south-west Uganda, in the dioceses of North Kigezi and Kinkiizi. The charity operates under the umbrella of the church of Uganda in those dioceses with the support of both bishops. The work shows God's love to all people in a practical way.


The existing water sources at Kihihi Hill are extremely unsatisfactory and existing sanitation buildings are quite inadequate. The project will be centred on the large high school (1000+ pupils), the associated nursery school and the church community, where a total of 4 x 30cu.m. rainwater harvesting tanks will be built.

New latrines for both pupils and staff will be constructed at the school and at the church, plus bathing shelters for the girls.

We need to raise over £25,000 to complete the project. Please support this vital work.

Registered Charity No.1123803

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28 July 2019

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29 June 2019

God bless yr charity, Tim and Ali. Lynda x

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26 June 2019

Well done Ali and Tim

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25 June 2019

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25 June 2019

Well done!

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24 June 2019

Well done; thinking of these needs as I turned the tap on this morning ...

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23 June 2019

Well done, love from the Bonds

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22 June 2019

Well done....

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22 June 2019

Well done both!

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22 June 2019

Great work guys

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