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Talk it Up 4 The Feast

31 August 2020

Raised out of £ 10000.00 target

£ 1050.00

Including Gift Aid: £ 1060.62
Raised offline: £ 1000.00

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We are asking people of all ages to Talk it Up over the Summer & help The Feast to raise £10K to ensure we continue supporting a new generation of young people to be game changers for a better world.

How do I Talk it Up 4 The Feast?

Host 1 or more fun activities with a small group (online/in person in line with COVID-19 guidance). A 'Talk it Up' bike ride? A nature walk? An online cook-off or book club? Be creative!

Talk it Up. There's never been a more important time to discuss things that truly matter. So make time in the activity to talk about a topic that matters (eg. How can I put my beliefs into action re; anti-racism, the environment, poverty, peace etc). Use our Guidelines for Dialogue to discuss with honesty & respect.

Don't forget to ask all to donate to The Feast here (even those that can't take part). Every bit helps.

Donating with is completely secure. UK taxpayers, please confirm that you would like to reclaim Gift Aid. This will add 25p to every £1 given.

Thank you!

The Feast Youth Project

The Feast is a Christian, youth-centred, national charity based in Birmingham. In faith, The Feast dares to imagine a transformed world in which all people are confident enough in their beliefs to embrace diversity and able to flourish alongside one another in peaceful, loving, and inclusive communities. The Feast believes that young people are the ‘game changers’ in this transformation. Young people in the U.K. are growing up surrounded by different faiths yet often lead separate lives, resulting in ignorance, fear, mistrust and sometimes hostility. The Feast journeys with young people of all faiths and none and encourages them to be resilient and confident in their beliefs and identity, able to build meaningful friendships with people who are different from themselves, able to discuss beliefs and challenging issues and are committed to living well with their neighbours as peacemakers. Support the The Feast and join our young people as they Talk Faith, Make Friends and Be Peacemakers.

Registered Charity No.1146574

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14 July 2020

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