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Liza's Wainwright Challenge

Climbing all 214 of the Lake District Wainwrights (mountains over 1000ft)

Sophie Hodge | 25 December 2025

Raised out of £ 1000.00 target

£ 202.45

Including Gift Aid: £ 227.95
Raised offline: £ 0.00

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2020 changed mine and Jamie's lives forever, we welcomed beautiful Liza into our lives.

I feel so priveleged that I know I will be able to give Liza the best possible start in life: a loving family; somewhere safe to call home; a decent education; healthcare when she needs it and three meals a day.

As a new mother I cannot imagine the heartbreak of not being able to provide these things for my daughter.

Thats why Liza and I would like to take this opportunity to help provide these things for the orphans of Molima Home in Malawi. Together (and over a number of years!) we will climb all 214 of the Lake District Wainwrights (mountains over 1000 ft).

All money raised will support Molima Home in Dedza Malawi, which we have visited on a number of occassions. Molima provides everything listed above to over 20 orphans: love, home, safety, education, future prospects and so much more. 

Thank you for supporting our efforts! 

Sophie and Liza :-) xxxx


Orfund is a charity based in Poole, Dorset helping to meet the needs of children and young people in Dedza in southern Malawi who have no parents - or only one parent or relative who is unable to care for them through poor health or age.

Orfund currently supports 28 children who live at the Molima Family Home. 

We support a number of former residents who are undertaking apprenticeships or in further education to ensure that they acquire the skills they need to live independently as adults.

We also help the primary schools attended by children from Molima, because it's important that children receive the education they need to help them in later life.

We are grateful to all those who help us through sponsoring a child, regular donations or one-off gifts. They enable us to make sure there are sufficient funds each month for the children who live at Molima to have food, clothing, bedding, toiletries, running water, education and training, visits by a nurse and anything else which they need.

Registered Charity No.289546

Recent Donations



03 January 2021

Look forward to the photos and updates. Great idea and great cause. Sorry it's taken us so long to sort the donation. Much love from Steve and Liz

£ 100.00

+ £ 25.00 Gift Aid


28 December 2020

Merry Christmas little Liza! We love you and excited to cheer you on with your adventures with Mum and Dad x x x

£ 20.00


25 December 2020

Merry Christmas

£ 20.00

+ £ 5.00 Gift Aid


01 December 2020

Three down, many more to go.

£ 50.00


29 November 2020

What a wonderful challenge - go go Eliza.

£ 15.00