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Desperate Journeys: Reham’s Operation

Funding for Reem’s friend Reham’s Emergency operation in Istanbul

Ben Solanky | 25 May 2020

Raised out of £ 850.00 target

£ 918.50

Including Gift Aid: £ 991.80
Raised offline: £ 250.00

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In Desperate Journeys Reem shared powerfully her testimony of fleeing Syria.

As a Syrian refugee who came to the UK from Jordan through being involved in a play called Queens of Syria. During the making of this play Reem met Reham & became close friends.

Reham is Syrian refugee woman in Istanbul. 22 years old & married.

Reham has fled Syria twice. She was sent back to Syria from Jordan where she fled a second time to Istanbul.

She has recently found a large lump (c 5cm) in her breast which the doctor has advised an emergency removal of the lump. Due to a recent cap in refugees in Istanbul Reham is unable to have refugee status & free access to medical assistance. The operation costs around $1000.

EA together with Tonbridge Baptist Church (Desperate Journey sponsor) are looking to raise funds for the operation.

Should money be raised beyond the amount needed EA will use this for other refugee related projects (inc possible ongoing support for Reham) through its Livelihood Development Fund.

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16 June 2018

Sorry i haven't been in touch. Life here very busy! love to you all. Susanne xxxxxx

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13 June 2018

With all my very best wishes, Oliver

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12 June 2018

£ 100.00

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07 June 2018

Wishing Reham a speedy recovery to health. X

£ 25.00


06 June 2018

Very best wishes for a successful operation Reham

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05 June 2018

£ 5.00

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02 June 2018

£ 250.00


31 May 2018

£ 10.00

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30 May 2018

With lots of love and respect

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30 May 2018

£ 20.00

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