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Church Planting, Essex - John Parker Church Planting, Essex - John Parker

Church Planting, Essex - John Parker

I have been accepted by the Anglican Mission in England to start a new church in Colchester to reach the many people in the area who are not part of a church. There are over 190,000 people who do not know Christ, so, as everywhere, the need is great. I am grateful to be supported by ReNew Chelmsford in this endeavour in partnership with other ReNew Churches. I am currently working 21 hours a week for the church, even though at this point, the church is yet to start meeting. As a launch team we are meeting weekly to hear God's word, pray and to plan the inception of Cornerstone Church Colchester. Other activities include reading the Bible 1:1, pastoring the launch team, and growing links with local churches. To further this I am preaching at other churches and meeting with local ministers. I am committed to the GAFCON vision and subscribe to the Jerusalem declaration. Thank you for your support. Do find out more on our website.