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Great Mission Great Mission

Great Mission

Registered Charity Number: No.1175956

We appreciate your generosity in considering a donation to our work.

There are many charities with noble causes. Here at TGM, whilst we do have practical projects to serve the poor and needy, our main passion is to help people transform their lives and live eternally by taking the Gospel of God's grace to every precious family on the earth.

It thrills me every time I hear a story of life-change.  A pastor told me recently that he had an encounter with Jesus in one of our events.  Now, twenty years later, he is leading a church of thousands. Wonderful!

Whilst there are many difficulties in today's world, we are running faster than ever. Every moment counts and, with our growing network of missionary ambassadors, we sense that this year will be our most fruitful to date.

Could you consider being a partner with us? Together we could help thousands and thousands be transformed by the Message that brings life.

Giles Stevens