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Houston and Killellan Kirk Houston and Killellan Kirk

Houston and Killellan Kirk

Registered Charity Number: No.SCO12822

As a gift to friends or loved ones why not give them part of a solar “Electric Classroom” for school students in Mwandi in Zambia.

This will last longer than chocolates or a book, and will bring a glow to your heart, as well as a glow in classrooms far away.

Electric sockets £5     Length of cabling £10

Classroom light £20      Battery storage £50

Inverter (DC to AC) £150        Laptop £250

Or other amount if you wish.

Please give here and then phone Caroline on 01505-690636 to get a gift card to send to your friend or relative.

If you would like to give to help this project we would be very grateful, and so would the folk in Mwandi.

Thank you and Happy Christmas

Scottish Charity Number  SC 012822