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Kris Swiatocho Ministries Kris Swiatocho Ministries

Kris Swiatocho Ministries

Welcome to Kris Swiatocho Ministries. I have been in full-time ministry for over 20 years in the US and UK, Europe and Uganda. While I will work with any church or ministry that needs my help, I primarily focus on singles adults and women. My goal is to help start and grow ministry by equipping leaders by coming along side, providing resources, encouragement, prayer, mentoring, and support to accomplish this. Each year God brings me back to the UK and other parts of Europe to meet with leaders, pastors, speak at events and provide training. I know the best way to reach people in any particular country is through someone in that country. So I simply want to help in this process by offering any support to help to see this done. My website is my overall speaking site and is specific for single adult resources..the largest site in the world. You can also reach specific UK resources at Thank you for your support.

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