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Livingstones Christian Centre Livingstones Christian Centre

Livingstones Christian Centre

Registered Charity Number: No.1112325

We aim to be God’s Light on the High Street, and to serve as a resource centre for Christians, individuals and churches in Fleet and the surrounding area.

One of LivingStones primary objectives, as a charity, is to provide access to educational and uplifting materials that promote the Christian faith. Our shop always has materials that meet this objective.

In addition we have two community rooms, located on our first floor, that can be booked for community use 7 days a week, and on our second floor we have a Hot Desk business suite consisting of a shared office containing 6 desks that can be booked by the day to work at LivingStones, combined with small and large conference rooms that can be booked for meetings or used as private offices by the day.

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