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Smell the Roses Smell the Roses

Smell the Roses

Registered Charity Number: No.1183469

Smell the Roses offers ReTreat days to mums who have children with any form of additional need.

We provide a range of activities which can be split into different categories. The same activity rooms are set up in the morning as in the afternoon.  We offer a different range of activities at each ReTreat Day making each day unique. Some of the activities might include:

A Quiet Room, where mum can sleep, listen to music or read.

A Craft Room; felting, sewing, crocheting, card making etcPamper Room; head massage, hand massage, facial etc.

Creative Arts Room; Creative Writing, Art etc.

Group Support. A space where the mums can share their experiences.

Our emphasis is on the mums being treated for the day and so we serve them breakfast, lunch and copious amounts of refreshments.