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One for Israel One for Israel

One for Israel

We are an initiative of Jewish and Arab born-again believers, building the Kingdom of God in Israel through online evangelism and our own Bible college.

At this pivotal time in history, ONE FOR ISRAEL is reaching millions with the gospel through media in Hebrew and Arabic, in a manner sensitive to the culture. For those who express interest, our team of trained Israeli believers are ready to help them work through their thoughts and questions and connect them to local believers in their own area. 

We provide discipleship both online and at our own Bible college and seminary. With the largest Messianic library in Israel, we train Israeli believers in Theology, Biblical Studies, and Counseling - all in Hebrew. Most of the Jewish and Arabic pastors in the Land have been trained at our college in some capacity. We also enjoy welcoming others from overseas to join us, whether it is for a study-tour of the country, a season of learning, or simply a visit to see what God is doing amongst us.