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Grace Debt Advice - Grace Advocacy

Registered Charity Number: No.1143175

The UK is experiencing a growing crisis.

The Trussell Trust reports that demand for emergency food bank packages increased from 25,899 in 2008 to 1,182,954 in 2017. Most of its users are there because they cannot get the help they need from the benefit/social care/health care system. The way to respond to the crisis is not to duplicate the services of the welfare state but rather to help people access them.

Grace Advocacy is partnering with churches to help those in need do just that. Our clients are referred to us from food banks, GPs, social workers and other professionals who have witnessed the extraordinary results that come from ordinary people working together in teams to help their neighbours. To understand more about the problem and how church teams work, go to www.graceadvocacy/explore.