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St Ninians Old Parish Church, Stirling St Ninians Old Parish Church, Stirling

St Ninians Old Parish Church, Stirling

Registered Charity Number: No.SC016320

St Ninians Old Parish Church and the Parish Halls are key assets to the congregation and community of St. Ninians, and have required considerable investment over the years in terms of not only maintenance, but also development and refurbishment to make them fit for purpose for the 21st Century.   Whilst the Church building is the centre for the spiritual support of the congregation and wider population, the Parish Halls are there and available for the use of church and community groups, and for individuals too.

St Ninians Old Parish Church is also an active supporter of local, national and international charities.   Through the Church, the congregation has raised over £5000 of funds for a range of other charities, from Start-Up Stirling to WaterAid and Christian Aid.

We would be most grateful if you like to contribute to the work of the Church by making a donation via Just Giving - and for UK taxpayers, donations can be enhanced through the Gift Aid scheme by an extra 25%!

Thank you !