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Faith in Kids Faith in Kids

Faith in Kids

Registered Charity Number: No.1176335

Too often churches are losing the hearts and minds of our children. For those who do stay in church, our children grow up knowing more Bible facts and a longer list of Christian behaviours but without a love for Christ. Faith in Kids wants to ensure that children are engaging and responding to Jesus Christ. Children who are having their hearts and minds informed by Christ’s words, by God’s grace, will grow into teenagers who want to live for Jesus Christ.

The purpose of Faith in Kids is to resource, equip and support those who oversee the children’s ministry in their local church, because they can reach countless Sunday School leaders, parents and Church leaders.

Faith in Kids will resource with materials that build skills in leaders and build love for Christ in children.

Faith in Kids will equip with events and training materials that build confidence.

Faith in Kids will encourage with regular updates, blogs and visits that build perseverance.

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