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The Souster Youth Trust The Souster Youth Trust

The Souster Youth Trust

Registered Charity Number: No.1162368

Souster Youth is an exciting youth work organisation in East Northants. We work to transform the social, emotional, and spiritual health of young people in our area, by working in schools, churches, and the local community.

We share the good news of the Christian faith with young people. Out of 1,500 young people in our locality, less than 50 of them are in local churches each week. We want to change this and help young people engage in faith in meaningful ways.

We care for young people when they need it most. Many needs of young people go unmet due to a lack of provision and the huge demands placed upon services. We work to address the needs of young people, including; anxiety, self harm, sex & relationships, and spiritual & moral development.

We dare the local church to support young people by providing youth worker training and practical help.  Local churches can become places where young people are nurtured, challenged and inspired - help us make this a reality!