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Wheresoever Ministries, USA Wheresoever Ministries, USA

Wheresoever Ministries, USA

Registered Charity Number: No.EIN:45-1745706

Wheresoever Ministries, Inc. is a Christian ministry that helps to spread the Gospel in many nations across the world. The ministry has ministered in more than 40 nations. The largest project ongoing at this time is in Mozambique with overflow to Malawi, where the Holy Spirit has allowed us to witness more than 200,000 decisions for Christ, and the ministry has been the catalyst to start more than 400 churches.

Some of the ways we do this are:

- Expanding the Kingdom of God by evangelizing and training indigenous teams to continue the work;
- Encouraging believers through mentoring and promoting fellowship including our own partnering with other ministries;
- Equipping believers through discipleship, preaching, teaching;
- Training in practical life skills and business & community development;
- Meeting the basic needs of impoverished people regardless of their religion.

Prayer, sincere worship and use of Christian dance and the arts are integral attributes of Wheresoever Ministries.