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Full Gospel Assemblies of Pakistan Full Gospel Assemblies of Pakistan

Full Gospel Assemblies of Pakistan

FGA Bible College is the oldest and largest evangelical Bible College in the Pentecostal-Charismatic tradition in Pakistan. We offer a 2-yr Diploma in Theology and a 3-yr Bachelor of Theology. Over 735 students have graduated from FGA Bible College since 1967! They have planted more than 350 churches in Pakistan and are involved in a variety of Christian ministries. Our mission is:
1. To equip with the Holy Scriptures.
2. To inspire to the fullness of the Holy Spirit.
3. To train for Christ’s holy service.
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FGA Education Project provides free primary Christian schooling to destitute Pakistani girls and boys. Discrimination, persecution, low social status, loss of parents and trafficking is the reality faced by the 22.6 million Pakistani children not in school, especially Christians and other religious minorities. Through this project, 18 schools are providing 1350 at-risk children with education and 100+ teachers/staff with employment. [email protected]