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Benjamin Generation Benjamin Generation

Benjamin Generation

It is far easier to raise a child well than it is to fix a broken adult.

Here at Benjamin Generation, we are focused on 2 key areas, firstly providing a home for children that have been rescued out of abusive environments, as well as those orphaned because of HIV/AIDS and other reasons. Secondly to provide a sound formative education to children between 3 and 5 years of age.

At present the children's home is full and we are in the process of extending an existing building to allow us to accommodate a home just for babies. Here in South Africa, there are just so many babies been abandoned because of various reasons. We plan to accommodate as many as our finances allow.

We have already started the groundwork for our pre-school, we have a building that needs to be renovated to hold 45 children from Benjamin Generation and the surrounding neighborhood.

We would love you to partner with us as Benjamin Generation provides these desperately needed services to the children in need.