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The 66 Books Ministry (UK) The 66 Books Ministry (UK)

The 66 Books Ministry (UK)

Registered Charity Number: No.1163006

Our mission is “To proclaim Jesus, the Savior of the whole world, from the whole Bible, because He is wonderful!” We are driven to get the raw word of God out to real people and our driving and major project of 66Cities shall indeed take us to the 66 most influential cities of the 250 nations of the world in the next 25 years. That’s 16,500 cities! We are aiming to build relationships with real people, ordinary people who, in their cities, want to do extraordinary things for Jesus and the Kingdom, to bring a message that is relevant to now, in a world that has come to believe that Jesus is irrelevant to their lives. We are a modern day back to the Bible boots on the ground movement.

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