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Registered Charity Number: No.1144093

Thank you for choosing to support BeMORE Charity!

We are a charity that takes you on a personal journey of discovery and transformation whilst enabling other charities to thrive.

You find out more about who you are, what your purpose is and the amazing amount you offer the world. You identify your strengths, develop your leadership skills and leave with a toolkit on how to give well. You make friends for life and you are launched into a lifestyle of generosity that blesses you as you bless others incredibly.

Through BeMORE some people have become volunteers, Trustees or even set up their own social enterprises by themselves or with friends they met through the experience.

Our groups give on average £10,000 as well as their skills and talents to a charity project that they find and develop themselves.

What if, instead of dreaming, you could start today and use your resources to change the world?

Thank you again for your support, Sincerely The BeMORE Team!