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Big Church Day Out Big Church Day Out

Big Church Day Out

Registered Charity Number: No.1127987

The Big Church Day Out (BCDO) is now the UK’s largest annual low-key evangelistic event and wants to be part of writing a different story, one that tells of a church that is full of life, growing, and having a positive impact on the world. Our aim is to see the wider church come together as a demonstration of Unity, and also to create a space where those from inside the church can invite their friends and family from outside the church to come and be impacted.

As with every festival type of event our revenue streams consist of tickets, concessions and sponsorship, and by journeying with us financially your gift will go towards the much needed sponsorship that is vital to our long term sustainability.
Thank you for your support. 

The Big Church Day Out is a registered charity-no. 1127987