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Prison Evangelism, UK - John Lawson Prison Evangelism, UK - John Lawson

Prison Evangelism, UK - John Lawson

My name is John Lawson, to my shame I was involved in running the sex industry in Soho, I am a former violent criminal and enforcer for gangsters, biker gang member, bouncer and bodyguard for the rich and famous. Whilst serving a 5 year sentence for extortion in 2004 I heard the Good News of The Gospel message after which I repented and placed my faith and trust in Jesus Christ. There is nothing in me, there is nothing about me that God should have been interested in saving, but to the praise of His Glory according to the council of His will not because of anything He saw in me, but despite of everything He saw in me God called me out of darkness into His marvelous light by His Grace. I consider it a privilege to serve Him as we visit some of the toughest prisons on the planet to share The Gospel and also to Train and Equip the Church in Evangelism thus fulfilling the job description in Ephesianss 4:11-12 to prepare Gods people for works of service.