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Cutting Edge Theatre Cutting Edge Theatre

Cutting Edge Theatre

Registered Charity Number: No.SC032252

Cutting Edge Theatre exists "to make a difference" and we do this by:

1. Working with communities and people who are disadvantaged, "giving voice to the voiceless" 

2. Running the INSPIRE project which uses drama to help people who have disabilities, helping them increase their confidence, build their self-esteem and improve vocal abilities where possible. We are currently working on expanding this programme. 

3. We also specialise in Passion Plays both traditional and modern. We have worked in a number of prisons here and overseas on these projects [USA, Italy and Brazil]. We are currently working on producing a large scale version in Edinburgh for 2020. 

4. Working on two main musical theatre productions "Blude Red" and "11"

5. We have produced a number of professional productions, the lastest being "Downs with Love" which is a new play looking at disabiity and relationships.