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Pastoral Work, Surrey - Mr and Mrs Day Pastoral Work, Surrey - Mr and Mrs Day

Pastoral Work, Surrey - Mr and Mrs Day

Martin and Jill work within the BCC Community. Jill has a value and a gift to honour and build up individuals, with an eye for those small things that make that a reality. She loves bringing order and relishes projects that bring people together, possessing administrative gifting to that end. She serves pastorally and administratively extending her influence in the UK and beyond. Martin has a creative spark for producing stories, music and presentations. He is the author of The Animal Parables a collection of stories that communicate important life lessons from a faith perspective, for all ages. He is passionate about communicating biblical faith having technical abilities to do this in fresh, relevant ways. His desire is to see people grow into their potential in God. He also maintains GraceBook, an online community forum. Both have experience in Exchanged Life coaching which forms the cornerstone of their ministry and that is foundational to the BCC community.