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Kwacare Kwacare


KwaCare is based in Pinetown, South Africa and is a Ministry of His Church Pinetown. ( ) KwaCare was established in 1995 and is a registered Public Benefit Organisation. Our mission is to transform our local communities where poverty, unemployment and HIV/AIDS adversely affect the lives of many people and families. Through many different community outreach programmes, KwaCare focuses on food security and formal education. We are endeavouring to venture into skills training in the near future. Our heart is to inspire people to have hope and faith that their lives and communities can be changed. KwaCare comes alongside the people we serve and helps them to change their lives by impacting them physically, spiritually and emotionally. In turn, we would like the people we have helped to take the resources, knowledge and skills they have gained and use them to help other people, thus fulfilling our greater vision of "Help People, Help Themselves, Help Others."