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Nations Discipleship Enterprise Nations Discipleship Enterprise

Nations Discipleship Enterprise

Registered Charity Number: No.1111488

Two decades of war under the LRA leader Joseph Kony has left millions of people displaced in northern Uganda, over 100,000 villagers murdered leaving thousands of orphans. Kampala Children’s Centre was born to give hope to the marginalised, advocate for children’s welfare and give them a brighter future. Through love, care and education they are nurtured to become responsible adults. Our site in Wakiso accommodates over 106 children and another 230 children in the community and supports them with education, medicine and skills. There is a kindergarten and primary school with an attendance of 365 children, a clinic, a carpentry workshop, playground and sports areas. Further support is required to sponsor more orphans at the centre and in the community and provide quality education for them. Contact os on 0161 962 2414 or [email protected] or 26 Washway Road, Sale, M33 7QY